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Subscription streaming app technology for businesses.

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Make money from your content.

Launch your own branded app.

SupaPass is a powerful subscription streaming app technology - like giving you your own "mini-Netflix" or "mini-Spotify" service to make money from your content and audience, where you have complete control over content, pricing and branding.

Music, sports, TV, film, charities, health & wellbeing, e-learning, creators, influencers, comedians, authors, celebrities, membership organisations, enterprise - SupaPass works for anyone with an audience to monetise digital content behind a subscription paywall.

SupaPass Device Family

Own the relationship with your audience.

Keep 100% net revenue of your subscriptions.

Monetise your digital content with your very own fully-branded app. A SupaPass whitelabel subscription app is a powerful tech solution that delivers exceptional user experience, the ability to generate regular revenue from your audience and lets you own your data. With a saturated and ever-changing social media landscape, owning the relationship with your audience puts you in control.

Our experienced team can take you from sign-up to launching your own app in just one week, so get in touch now to get started!

“A top class tech platform with a truly excellent team behind it. This is a game changer for me. The navigation is extremely easy and the feedback from my clients has been excellent.”

Dr John Park, DisrupTek (E-learning)

Customer Support Desk Included

Content Ingestion Service

Always 100% Ad Free

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“I’m delighted to have my own branded app to engage directly with my followers and stream content to subscribers. The app will help me generate essential funding to support new filming projects.”

Matt Hayes, TV Celebrity & Film Maker (TV)

Fast timeline. From design to launch within days.

Rich features. For a fraction of the price.

Reach your direct-to-consumer objectives with your own branded subscription streaming app. Give your subscribers instant access on any device to all your content in one place (audio, video, photos, blogs, social media, and more). Schedule ahead or post on-the-go from your phone.

Beautiful, intuitive interface to deliver the best user experience to your customers. Hassle-free full service offering with free continuous software updates, unlimited cloud storage, unlimited streaming, upgrades and new features - avoid expensive maintenance costs of building bespoke tech or via an agency. State-of-the-art technology at your fingertips. Start your direct-to-consumer app experience today. Contact us.

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You choose how you get paid

85% net revenue


No account service fee

You keep 85% of net revenue
(15% to SupaPass)

100% net revenue

from £20 per month

Account service fee

You keep 100% of net revenue
(monthly service fee to SupaPass)

Net revenue is calculated after the Direct Cost of Sales (taxes, transaction costs, server costs, publishing)
Note: We pay Songwriters/Publishers first (where applicable)

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